Drug & Alcohol Testing:


Drug and Alcohol TestingWhether it's for personal peace of mind or suspicion after an employee accident or pre-employment testing, you have come to the right place. We can test for alcohol and all types of drug use.

Hiring? Employees who use drugs can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars.


Are you a parent who has seen warning signs? If there is a problem, every day counts! When drug use begins in the teenage years, there is a higher chance of addiction. Drug abuse can lead to addiction, dependence, brain damage, or even death.



DNA Testing:


We offer a complete range of DNA testingDNA Testing including maternity, paternity, ancestry, and full and half sibling testing. Today, there is an increasing need for paternity tests. Sometimes, an ex-girlfriend or wife comes forward and claims that he is the father of her child. Other times, a couple is still in a relationship but he believes the baby is a result of her having an affair. Perhaps children were separated from their father due to adoption or another reason. Maybe adult children have questions after a parent passes away after finding out about infidelity. Or, it  could simply be for peace of mind. A DNA test is the one and only way to prove a biological connection between a child and a parent. There is no need to spend the rest of your life guessing or thinking, "He looks like he has my nose" when you can be sure in a short time.


Court cases that involve DNA paternity testing are on the rise. DNA is the key factor in deciding court cases to establish or deny alimony. In many cases, DNA testing has saved men from financially supporting children that were not biologically their own!



Immigration Testing

When someone petitions to immigrate to the United States, a DNA test may be required. This test is needed to prove that there is a biological relationship between the U.S. relative and the person seeking to immigrate into America. Sometimes, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services may require more evidence than a birth certificate. In these cases, a DNA test is necessary. Since the results must be sent from the lab directly to the US government, home versions of the DNA test would not be accepted.

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